Tips on Choosing a Plasma Cutter


Plasma cutters come in all sizes and shapes. However, choosing one that matches your application is never an easy task. Instead of choosing any unit and hope that it would do what you want it to do, it is advisable that you research regarding how to choose such a system. Asking for help from a knowledgeable expert would also be a wise decision. You can find the best 220v plasma cutter right here.

The type of cutting you would be doing would dictate the type of plasma cutter to choose. Once you know this, you would be able to choose a unit that can comfortably cut the type of metal you would be cutting. Considering the thicknesses of the particular materials you would be cutting would ensure that you choose a single unit that can cut all the materials in question. Buying different units for different types of materials would be uneconomical.

Your expertise is a primary factor to consider. If you are an experienced operator, you would be able to choose any type of cutter. In case you are inexperienced, however, it is advisable that you consider ease of use prior to buying any cutter. While you can still learn with time, using a hard to operate system would mean that you would do the job slowly. There is also a big chance that you would not get good results at the end of the day. To gather more awesome ideas on plasma torch accessories, click here to get started.

If you would be using your cutter outside your workshop, it is advisable that you choose among portable units. Unless you would be doing a lot of work, as well as cutting thick metals, you would be better off choosing a handheld cutter. However, if you would be doing heavy work outside the shop, the best type of cutter to choose would be a semi-portable cutter.

Consider the length of time you would be using your cutter. Considering the duty cycle of a cutter would tell you how long the unit can be used in a particular cycle. If you would be doing high capacity cutting operations, you ought to choose a unit that would not always force you to take unnecessary breaks for it to cool off. Inquire if the temperature of your surrounding would affect the duty cycle of your choice system.

Take note of cut quality prior to contacting any dealer. Whatever you do, do not assume that whatever works would be a perfect choice. You need a cutter that would give you a high quality finished product. Smooth edges would mean that there would be little secondary work.


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